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Spring Collection
Glassy Collection


NPC435 Celebrate Glitter

After party ready with a pink glitter

NPC525 Erin Island

A beautiful mint green

NPC527 Wave

"This nail polish is fast drying and long lasting. We offer a large variety of pastels, bright, deep and glitter colors. For best results, apply two coats of lacquer and top coat to seal in color. QRS nail lacquer is all free of hazardous chemicals like: DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde. The raw materials used and products are all made in America. Available for wholesale, please contact us at for more information. "


NPC576 Glittering Beach

Great alone for rich golden look

NPC269 You Doll

Optimally focused always, a creamy light pink

NPC 197 Spanked

Come out that shell with this deceiving summer pink

NPC280A Treeful

Full of life is this orange-red color, uplifting at any moment

NPC287 Marsh

If true yellow seems too bold for you, try this great soft pastel yellow

NPC314 Prairie

Try our newest shade of purple, a refreshing periwinkle color

NPC316 Dreamy

Cruiser and Juliette’s counterpart a powdery baby blue, just relaxed

NPC 318 Nuptial

This perfect nude is a foundation for color collectors. Neutrally Obsessed

NPC319 Icing

Sweet and delightfully femme is this powdery pink

Most Viewed

  • STG 02 Playground

    A color set that is all fun and games. Warm and playful arrays of pink, blue, yellow, and green pastels. Also included is a vibrant red orange and classic nude lipstick color.
  • STG 05 Art Deco

    Both very bright colors like teal blue and mango orange are mixed with sheer tints of orange and lavender purple. For a very different set of colors.
  • STG 03 Poolside

    We have some of our best-selling colors in this group like: “Pink in love, Caribbean Turquoise, and Lightning cloud.” A classic blue our newest edge on our cantaloupe color is also included.
  • STG 04 On Set

    This collection consists of a variety of colors, from your classic dark cherry, silver glitter to your very colorful blue and purple. When you have a lot going on, this collection will get you through all your occasions.
  • STG 06 Wonderland

    Allow yourself to daydream a little with this fairytale collection like bubblegum pink, pastel orange, light pink, and a fresh purple.